2 thoughts on “I wrote a book!

  1. Ted Higgins says:

    I read of of the excerpts from it, I’ll be purchasing it from the Packt website today. What I read looked very good! Maybe it will help with my job search.

  2. Anders Lövgren says:

    I made a comment at the EighKB sessions, because you where online in the comment field and I just picked up your book an hour before. Made a lame comment about reading it in the summer. Sorry about that, but I didnt know what to expect and Im not that person who says great! all the time. Now I read it and I wished that someone told me 10 years ago (I know it was released 2019), read this book and understand it before going down all those deep technical dark alleys, like learning NUMA nodes, which processor should you choose, how do tempdb work and so on. Your book focus on the most important things about performance I need to know. In my chaotic brain it really try to bring som order, before trying to enter those deep dark alleys. If someone ask me what they should read trying to understand how SQL Server works and improve their queries and skills in performance, this is the mandatory book to start with.

    I’ve read other books about SQL Server and they are thicker and tries to light up all those dark alleys. But then they get so large in volumes, facts and I get lost and my brain gets even more chaotic. Thats why I think this book is so great!

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